Who are we?

daveMy name is David Dunkerley and this is my website, this is my neighbourhood.

Right away I can tell you what I don’t want this website to be about. I don’t want to write about the nice restaurant meal I had last night on Main street.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love eating out in the neighbourhood. That’s one of the great things about Main street. But that’s already covered. If you check out all other websites that cover Main Street, they talk about the restaurant. But there is much more to this neighbourhood than just restaurants.

I have lived here, in a house just off Quebec and 23rd Ave since 2003. It was a great friendly neighbourhood back then and it’s great now. It’s a family neighbourhood, lots of kids, lots of middle-class families just struggling to stay in this stupendously-expensive area.

That would be my family. And we need a website to call our own. I hope that one day, this is it.


So the first step to make this a living breathing record of our neighbourhood, we need a writer. And it won’t be me. I would love to write regularly on this blog, but I know it is not going to happen. So I need a writer.

This writer needs to fill the following requirements:

1. Has to live in the hood, and has lived here for more than 3 years. The four corners of the neighbourhood is defined as 12th and Fraser, 49th and Fraser, 49th and Cambie, and 12th and Cambie.

Yes, the boundaries of the neighbourhood are completely arbitrary. It is just a matter of coincidence that my house is right in the middle.

2. Has to show a track record of engaging with the neighbourhood. That means organizing blocks, parties, sitting on a PAC, volunteering to help out at senior’s centre. Being a scout leader. Anything to show that you are a part of the community.

3. Ability to write. Writing samples would be nice.

And that’s about it. For the first six months, I am looking for 1000 words a week on stuff that is happening in the neighbourhood. You would be paid as a freelancer, let me know what a fair price-per-word would be.