Hey does your kid still want to play soccer this year?

My oldest son plays on a bronze team  in the KLM league. It’s the U14 Kickers and they are short of players. They have about 11 active players which means at most we have two subs on the sidelines. That’s not enough.

After watching league for about 3 years, I think there is a golden rule,  the fewest players on the team, the less chance of winning.

The Kickers have lost more games than they won, and it is has a lot to do with the number of players (in my humble opinion).

Conversely, my younger son who plays for the KLM Dragons in the U11 league, is well above .500. They have about 16 players. Again I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Now that things have settled down after the teacher’s strike, and your child/teen is still thinking of playing soccer, I think it’s a good time to phone/email a few leagues and see if they need players. You might be surprised.

The KLM league mostly plays their home games in central Vancouver, you can contact them here:

For more information on youth soccer in Vancouver you can check out the main site that lists more of the leagues here.

Don’t waste your time applying for the Fusion league unless your child/teen plays at an elite level. They generally recruit from the other leagues and look at “gold” players only.

If you are Italian, your kid probably plays for the ICSF. My kids have played against a couple of their teams. I am convinced the Italians recruit for their teams while the baby is still in the womb.

If your child is not completely awesome and/or not Italian, you might want to check out Vancouver-FC or Vancouver Football Club. Almost exact same names, different organizations.

Cheers, DJ


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